Applicant Screening

Attracting good qualified tenants is the name of the game! It is our goal to create a good tenant/landlord relationship. This will help you to both receive rent on-time and encourages the tenant to keep the property in a well maintained condition. Moreover, if we find a good tenant, and they like living in the home, they become a long term tenant. When a prospective tenant is interested in your property, we require an application from each adult over 18-years of age that will be living at the property. We then screen each application for:

  • Credit history from Experian and Equifax
  • Credit summary
  • Risk score model
  • FICO score
  • Fraud search
  • Eviction search
  • Bad check search
  • Bankruptcies
  • Megan’s Law
  • Driver’s license verification
  • Employment verification
  • Income verification