Common Pitfalls of the Self-Managed Property

If you have reached this point, and you are still not convinced that All Valley Leasing is your best professional property management solution, please take with you the following list of pitfalls that many self-managed landlords fall into. If you need advice on any of them, please call us. We will always be glad to consult with you at no cost.

  1. Not running their rentals like a business.
  2. Not fully screening applicants.
  3. Not reviewing State landlord/tenant laws.
  4. Failing to have a written agreement.
  5. Hiring the wrong contractors and repair people.
  6. Not enforcing late rent policies.
  7. Not inspecting your property on an annual basis and automatically replacing smoke alarm batteries and filters.
  8. Entering a property without proper reason or notice.
  9. Not using the advice of an eviction attorney when dealing with a non-paying tenant.
  10. Not setting rents to reflect current market rates.
  11. Poor record keeping.
  12. Not maintaining the property.
  13. Not properly handling deposit refunds.