Multiple Listing Service

At All Valley Leasing we have found the Multiple List Service (MLS) to be an unparalleled tool to quickly renting out your property. The MLS you used when purchasing your home, is the same MLS we use when leasing your home.

There are real estate agents who are currently working with buyers and sellers. Sometimes these buyers and sellers decide that the current market condition is wrong for them to buy/sell. So, in order to maintain their agent/client relationship, the agent will help their clients to find rental homes via the MLS.

Your entry into the MLS will open up the ability for those realtors to find and recommend your property. In addition, the largest real estate websites pull their inventory from the MLS. Your inclusion in the MLS will allow prospective tenants to find your property.

We are not only professional property managers, but we are also rental property owners. Our experience has shown that the number one obstacle to profitability is the vacancy rate. We always use the MLS when marketing our own properties to get them rented faster and reduce our vacancy rates.

Fees charged for this service are 2.5% of the total year’s lease amount. So, for example, if your home rented for $2,000/month, upon rental by another agent, your MLS fee would be $600. That’s only about ⅓ of one month’s rent. If the MLS can get your home rented out just 2-weeks quicker, the service pays for itself and puts money in your pocket.

And, most importantly, this fee is only payable if another agent rents out your property. If All Valley Leasing rents out your property, you do not have to pay the MLS fee.